Phone calls for 1$, new customers for 1.11$ - A repair shop case study

The client

The client is a local repair shop and distributor for white goods/major appliances.

The goal of working together

The campaign’s goals were calls and website visitors. Also, the client wanted to affirm his business as the region’s go-to repair shop and distributor for a popular German brand of white goods.

How we achieved that goal

ReturnOn created a website focused for getting leads, an optimized Google My Business profile, and a Google Ads campaign.

The results

The average CPC (Cost per click) was only 0.24$.

The client received 4-5 calls per day, so only ~1$ per lead!

He closes 9 out of every 10 calls (the demand of a repair service 🙂 ), so any revenue more than 1.11$ (cost per acquisition) is profit!


Needless to say, a client’s value is significantly more than 1.11$!

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